Wright ❤ Smallcaps

Wright ❤ Smallcaps

Sonam Srivastava | Sept. 14, 2020
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Stock Selection

The criteria for selecting stocks in this portfolio are:

  1. Quality — We look at scores like Piotroski score and ratios like Return on Capital Invested, Solvency ratio etc to determine this
  2. Earnings Growth — We look at earnings growth, revenue growth & metrics like G score
  3. Momentum — We look at long term & short term momentum, breakouts to evaluate this
  4. Low Volatility — We look at long term & short term volatility to determine this

Portfolio Construction

We use some advanced statistical concepts for the final selection of stocks that are based on the above criteria.


So here’s how the performance of our smallcap startegy looks historically (in the backtest)

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